Motbivational Coaching Personal Success Programme


Perbbsonal Development Programme

Are you stuck in a rut but don't know how to get out of it? Or you feel the need for direction and goal setting? Perhaps you have always wanted to do something in particular but never got round to it? May be you feel that there is something stopping you from making changes but not sure where or how to start?
















Motivational Coaching Personal Success Programme


If you are stuck and want to move forward in your life, this programme is suitable for all ages including people facing retirement.

We offer a 6 week personal development programme covering

  - Assessment and your key issues

  - Identifying and setting short, medium and long term goals

  -  Self discovery and life purpose

  -  Motivation

  -  You only have one life! Dealing with procrastination

  - Life skills and tools for success


After 6 modules you should be well on your way to moving forward in your goals. However, we will tailor the programme and can offer additional coaching sessions based around your needs.



Business Coaching - Toolkit for Successful Business Development Programme


If you are wanting to start a business, or already trading and need further coaching to help you move forward this 6 week programme is for you.


  - Creating the business you want

 - Self-discovery, purpose, personal mission and vision

 - Solutions not problems

 - Goal Setting

 - Motivation planning for success

 - Small steps big change - practical business development strategies

By the end of the programme you should feel more confident with your business planning and direction; you'll be able to write and develop a business plan; deal with managing people, and put in place strategies to help your business grow.


Directional Coaching - Young Adults (18-25 years)


Get ahead of the game and invest in your future for long lasting personal success in this 6 week development programme


 - Learn who you are and what you're good at

 - Career options that play to your strengths

 - Personal goals and strategies to achieve them

 - Understanding your purpose in life

 - Fitness and nutrition for optimum health

 - CV building and preparation for employment

















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